Submitted by Johnny_Law


Mordhaus is open to the public to celebrate International Dethfan Day. The Tribunal decides that after fan day, they will interrogate Eric and Edgar Jomfru, two brothers/geeks that run the #1 Dethklok fansite, diefordethklok.com. Meanwhile the brothers are present for a guidelines and procedures video hosted by Dethklok’s mascot, Facebones. It’s also revealed that the band will play a special fan song at the end of the Mordhaus tour. The Jomfru brothers are prepared and sneak in some recording equipment through Edgar’s wheelchair. The constant presence of their fans disrupts Dethklok’s daily routines.

In the Mordhaus auditorium, The Jomfru brothers secretly record Dethklok’s exclusive song about the band’s hatred for their fans. With their bootleg recording, the Jomfrus try to blackmail the band, hoping to gain wealth and recognition of their website. Despite protests from the band, Charles, the band’s manager, agrees to the brothers’ demands. However, the brothers are unaware that Charles is leading them to a corridor where some of Dethklok’s finest snipers await. Outside of Mordhaus, Eric is immediately shot in the head, but Edgar manages to escape. Dethklok watches the chaos unfold while drinking coffee.







Stampingston: Their website alone gets more hits than all of South America.

Toki: Aw, what’s wrong Pickle? You just need to eat something. Your name is Pickle, maybe you should try pickle herring sandwich, famous from Oslo.

Nathan: Oh great, now you’re going to start a whole chain reaction puke..a thon.

Toki: Oh bloodpuke, good song title, somebody write that down. Aw, that’s right, we already wrote that. Good song though.

Nathan: I think I need another liver transplant.

Murderface: If they only knew how much we hated them, I mean they just keep crawling back like putrid, stupid zombies that just want to eat our brains that is our art.

Pickles: Wait, what are doing?
Roadie: He’s in a wheelchair my lords; I did not know what to do.
Skwisgaar: That does not means you get free lunch for entrance to everything.

Edgar: We are the fans. We are the power. And without us, you’re precious brutality means nothing.
Nathan: Take a walk before I kill you.

Pickles: Oh come on, screw that Internet crap. Come on, what IS the Internet, you know? Seriously, what is the Internet?

Charles: I’d serpentine if I were you.