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A band fight on stage results in a disastrous concert in Jordan. Dethklok’s manager decides the band needs group therapy. In their secret briefing room, The Tribunal analyzes a profile on Dr. Johnathan Twinkletits, a so-called “extreme” therapist and former band member of the Amazelingtons. General Kroiser sees group therapy as an opportunity to destroy the band, but the rest of the council opposes his idea. At the band’s first session, they are initially not intimated by Dr. Twinkletits’ attempts at tough love, but eventually the doctor becomes more aggressive, receiving Dethklok’s undivided attention. During a Mordhaus recording session with Toki, the therapist is outraged by their treatment of their rhythm guitar player. He immediately orders a special group therapy activity that puts Toki in the recording booth as the band’s lead singer. His fellow band members aren’t impressed. For his effort, Toki is rewarded with a banana sticker, which enrages Murderface.

In his private session with Dr. Twinkletits, Murderface at first refuses to talk, but the possibility of his own banana sticker changes his mind. A flashback reveals Murderface’s childhood memory of his parents’ murder-suicide. Numbed by the memory, Murderface wets his pants, but is rewarded with a banana sticker from his therapist. After several sessions and exercises, the band begins to get along with each other, until Toki finds out Dr. Twinkletit’s dark secret: he killed his own band mates and has set his sights on Dethklok as their replacement. The band decides to fire Twinkletits, but he fights back with his banana stickers. However, Nathan reveals that the band went out and bought their stickers, no longer needing the doctor’s rewards system. Twinkeltits, looking for escape, jumps out the window, only to find Mordhaus’ starving wolves waiting for him. Witnessing the mauling of their therapist, the band has a moment of morbid clarity.







Twinkletits: Relax Tanto, don’t get all neurotic on me.

Skwisgaar: Just let me record it, he’s get worse. He’s slowly learning how to unplay the guitar.
Toki: I can hear that, the talk mic is on.

Skwisgaar: Pickle, please let me know when the talkback mic is on so that Mr. Sensitives don’ts goes to crybabies house for vacation.
Toki: I can stills hear you.
Skwisgaar: So what do want, a be able to hear things award?!
Toki: Not really, it doesn’t sounds like a greats award to me to be honest.

Twinkletits: C’mon, don’t you want to get in touch with your inner dude?
Murderface: No thanks, I hate that guy.

Nathan: Hey, we’ve been thinking. Not very hard, but…you’re fired. Yeah. We hate you.

Murderface: Hey it’s not that bad, I pride myself on being able to pit people against each other. But you’re amazing, you’re a real dick. And I appreciate that. But we never want to see you again, you ugly idiot dick!

Skwisgaar: Hey I ain’t no therapist, but I hate your moustache.

Toki: Look, the woluves eat him.
Skwisgaar: Yes, Toki. And his body will nourish the wolves.
Toki: I believe the cycle of learning is complete.
Skwisgaar: Indeeds all of us should learns a lesson.
Pickles: Yeah, what lesson might that be?
Skwisgaar: I has no idea, but it is pretty metal that he is being eaten.