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TV talk show host Nick Ibsen tries to dig deep and find out more about Dethklok’s private lives. The band resists, including Murderface urinating on Ibsen’s shoes. But the talk show host isn’t ready to give up yet. He reveals something the band did not want to see: their families. In their secret briefing room, The Tribunal reviews the profiles of the band’s relatives. They decide to allow the family reunions, hoping that the band will be humiliated by the sight of their loved ones. Back at Mordhaus, the band is still stunned by the presence of their families, most notably Toki in a catatonic state. Reluctantly, they decide to take their kin out to dinner.

The Tribunal’s plan of humiliation works; the band is mortified by their families. Nathan’s parents annoy him with pointless stories. Toki is still stunned by his Puritan-like parents. Skwisgaar is embarrassed by his former Miss Sweden mom trying to pick up Nathan’s dad. Stella Murderface constantly pesters her grandson to buy his granddad a wheelchair. Finally, Pickles can’t escape his ex-convict brother Seth, who despite his numerous failures, is still liked more by their parents. The band (sans-Toki) meets in the men’s room to plan a course of action. Their decision: give their families exactly what they want, and then ditch them. Their plan works until Seth decides the band and their families should record an album together. Pickles becomes enraged, choking his brother while the rest of the band insults their own relatives. However, Stella stops the fighting and along with the rest of the parents, tells the band that raising them was more brutal than anything Dethklok’s ever done. Shocked by their families own sense of brutality, the band agrees to record with them. Quotes:









Murderface: Hey douchebag! Why don’t you drill a hole in your head and let all the sap run out?

Nathan: Good song title…BLOODROCUTED!

Murderface: It’s repugnant! I’d rather be standing faceless than grow old and repugnant like that!

Skwisgaar: This whole thing gives me the case of the stomachs throw up!

Nathan: The fact that my parents had sex in order to create me makes me want to be buried alive.

Stella: Oh William, you’re going to go to heaven for this.
Murderface: I’d rather die than go to heaven!

Skwisgaar: Hey yous guys better chills out or yous going to be havings each other’s lunch for dinner!

Rose Explosion: You ruined my vagina!