Written by Nikki_D


Flashback to several years in the past. A younger Dethklok has just signed their first record contract with Crystal Mountain Records when the head of the company's son, Damien, barges in with an attitude problem and mouths off to his dad. Once he starts mocking Dethklok, Nathan decides he's had enough and puts the mouthy brat to the ground with a single punch to the face. After Charles blocks his return punch to Nathan, Damien takes off warning Nathan that he will be sorry and he'll never forget about what happened. As they are leaving Charles warns the guys that they need to take those meetings seriously and pay attention in case he's not around anymore.

Present Day, several months after the attack on Mordhaus. Charles is now gone and Dethklok is awakening to the sound of construction as Mordhaus is being rebuilt around them. When Nathan gets up he finds a fan in his room that was able to easily sneak in due to the lack of security. He sends him away along with some interior decorators that Murderface hired, one of which he tried to grope. Unfortunately Dethklok keeps forgetting that Mordhaus is now on a hovering island in the clouds while renovations are being done, and they all fall to their deaths after stepping out the front door. Later, Dethklok announces to the world that they are going to put on the most expensive live show in history. Things quickly start falling apart though as the band has also decided to manage themselves instead of getting a replacement for Charles. They blow massive amounts of money on excessive and ridiculous things such as a line of Dethklok sunglasses for cats called "Pussy Blockers" and purchasing 91 acres of land and silos converted to dispense Doritos. Things only get worse when they decide to be their own interior decorators as well and each go about spending multi-billions on even more pointless and excessive stuff to fill Mordhaus with. Later Toki talks about how much he misses Charles and asks Pickles why no one talks about it. Pickles tells him they all miss him, but admitting sadness makes you gay. Finally, reality kicks in when Dethklok is confronted by the Kloketeers after their paychecks are not being honored at the bank.

Meanwhile, the head of Crystal Mountain Records is bed ridden after falling ill, leaving his son Damien in charge. Damien sees this as his opportunity to get back at Dethklok by exploiting their current financial crisis. In a meeting with the board he explains that he will force Dethklok to renegotiate their record contract. The Tribunal discuss Dethklok's financial problems after the loss of Charles with a Dethklok financial expert. Later Damien threatens to shut down the upcoming show, their only hope of regaining some of their fortune, if they don't sign a new reworked record contract. After failing to get a random record store employee to explain the contract they simply ignore it and cut spending and find second jobs while waiting for the upcoming show.

The event finally arrives and the concert begins, clearly meeting expectations of being the most elaborate metal show ever. The band begins playing as Nathan rises into the air on a platform with gyroscopic rings circling around it. The Kloketeers begin firing large globes filled with $100 bills from enormous cannons as Nathan shoots lightning bolts from his microphone causing them to explode. Flaming money rains down on the crowd below. Suddenly Damien flips the main power to the show, shutting the whole thing down and sending the crowd into a rage. Dethklok, feeling there is no other option, finally gives in and starts to sign the contract when suddenly the door behind them busts open. A scarred, but still very alive Charles walks through the door and stops them from signing the contract. Nathan once again floors Damien with a single punch. Charles tells them to finish the show which turns out to be every bit as spectacular as they had promised. Afterwards Charles explains how he faked his death for a reason, one which he can't tell them about yet, but that there is something much bigger than them going on.



Nathan: Sorry uh... again.
Charles: Mmmhmm. What do I tell you guys before every meeting?
Nathan: Try not to punch people.
Charles: Try not to punch people. That's great.

Fan: What's up bro?
Nathan: Who the f*ck are you?
Fan: I'm some dude. I snuck in.

Nathan: There is no recession for metal. Recession is an asshole!

Skwisgaar: I ams in charge of financikel treasuries.
Pickles: And I'm in charge of financial business affairs.
Nathan: I'm chief of financial receipts... gathering.
Murderface: And I'm company president of financial money.
Toki: And I'ms in charge of snacks... f*ckin bullsh*ts!

Skwisgaar: Uh, Williams, did you pays the electrics bill?
Murderface: Well what am I going to pay it with, my farts?