Submitted by WhiteLight


Fans are getting restless waiting for a new album which Dethklok has but two months to complete. Pickles is having a rough time getting a drum solo recorded, and Skwisgaar’s body apparently creates interference when he touches the floor. His solo has to be recorded while in aerial free- fall. Nathan tries recording in medieval armor, which doesn’t work out very well. Toki and Murderface decide to make a song themselves to help save the record which is not received well by the other band members. Toki manages to erase Skwisgaar’s free-fall track and tries to record it himself, which obviously sounds like crap. Skwisgaar has to re-record it. After much more practice and French toast the band starts to put things together. Mr. Selatcia is seen watching over.







“Pickles! Pickles! ‘Squirrel-chaser’” – Nathan

“Just listen! Mouth shut! Open mind! Get ready to dig something really cool! Shut the fuck up and listen!” - Murderface