Submitted by WhiteLight


A tv show called Where are they now now? reveals that Snakes n' Barrels has re-re-united, thanks to a very anti-drug and alcohol frontman; Rikki Kixx. Rikki runs Rikki Kixx's Kikkin' it rehab center and has helped many a rockstar get sober, including Dr. Rockso, and is planning a live event called Rikki Kixx - Sobertown USA - no drugs allowed - Sober - Rock n' Roll show. Disgusted, Pickles throws a bottle at the tv.

Pickles, aggrivated that ‘his’ band was ‘taken’ from him, begins smashing lamps in Ofdensen’s office. Toki walks in and joins in the lamp smashing. Murderface also walks in and wants to have his own meeting, regarding Planet Piss. Ofdensen urges Murderface to register the name. The remainder of the band walks in and expresses their concern regarding the ownership of the name Dethklok. Ofdensen assures them that the five of them own their own band name.

The tribunal meets to discuss the reunion. Dr. Chesterfield, The original specialist who created ‘totally awesome sweet Alabama liquid snake’, reappears and informs them that the drug is still within the three original S&B bandmembers and that there is a long term side effect of the drug. If they are exposed to bright lights and loud sounds, blue phosphorus snakes will burst forth from all of their orifices and the bandmembers will go mad with rage.

Toki registers the Planet Piss web domain and creates a Murderface bestiality website in an effort to piss off Murderface. Upon hearing that his concert is sold out, Rikki wants some booze to celebrate and flips out revealing to his shocked assistant that he craves drugs and alcohol but can’t because he runs the clinic. In a fit of rage he murders his assistant to keep him quiet. Dethklok visits L.A. where Pickles gives the band a tour of the city’s rock & roll and drug & alcohol heritage. Pickles wants to sneak into the show to sabotage it but Toki wants none of it. The keynote speaker of the show, Rockso who now goes by his real name Leonard Rockstien, explains his joy of being back on stage; however he starts having hallucinations of his clown persona taunting him and he starts to crack infront of the audience. He later finds some drugs backstage and relapses. Nathan and Skwisgaar fail to allocate alcohol and in frustration Nathan starts smacking around a couple of drink vendors. Murderface ends up discovering that Toki has stolen his website credentials. Toki gets fed up with some crazed fan breathing down his neck and beats the ever-living shit out of him, just as S&B release the snake demons upon the crowd. Pickles begins beating Rikki Kixx. Murderface, originally on his way to confront Toki about the Planet Piss prank, sees him over the bloody corpse of the fan and backs off. Dr. Rockso emerges with a more twisted version of his clown makeup made from cocaine and pot-laced cherry pie, proclaiming once again that he is "Dr. Rockso the rock n' roll clown and he does Cocaine". He is BACK.







“The Rikki Kixx Sobertown USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock n’ RollShow.” –Announcer

“Well its not really a lamp meeting Skwisgaar. An if it were, I’d invite you.” –Ofdensen

“Wow, four hot sluts living in garbage!?” -Murderface

“Don’t you ever fuck with me and alcohol.” -Nathan