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Dethklok have some fun catapulting and shooting some guitars and amps, and seem to have discovered firecrackers. Murderface becomes the butt of almost all firecracker jokes for the episode. Toki get a phone call, his dad has cancer and is almost dead. Toki falls into a distant mood, and must visit his father in Norway. The band members don’t want to go with him and offer their support, but Ofdensen makes it abundantly clear that the other option is to work on the new album. They go with Toki.

The tribunal review Toki’s parents. The guest expert is extra weird. They state that Toki has repressed feelings about his father (read: getting beat when he was a kid).

Apparently, Norway is the birthplace of Black Metal. New vehicle; DethSnowmobile. They go shopping in town, finding one metal kid, and Toki’s childhood metal shop. The proprietor has some crappy demo tapes. Toki treats them to some Norwegian food, but he is stalling the reunion with his father. Returning to his parent’s house, Toki runs off by himself for a musical reverie of his childhood. He grows a pair and returns to his house. His father’s last request is to see the house in which he was born in. They drive to the base of a mountain, which Toki proceeds to carry his father up. He slips at the top and his dad slides down the mountain, and falls through ice. Toki watches him sink into the depths through the ice. A firecracker launched by Murderface collapses a chunk of snow on Toki’s dad’s house, crushing it. Brutal.







“Murderface!” , “What?” , “You’ve gotta find these firecrackers.” – Nathan, Murderface

“So yours dad gots the big ‘K', Kancers.” - Skwisgaar

“Say hi to your Dad for us, you know, if he doesn’t die before you get there.” – Pickles

“Well since you can’t go to Norway because you have to work on the album, let’s just work on that album. C’mon guys, in the, in the recording room. Chop, chop, recording room. C’mon. C’mon. Everyone of you. C’mon. Chop, chop, let’s go, recording room. Let’s go, recording room. Let’s go, let’s go, c’mon. Let’s get it movin’.” - Ofdensen

“I’m a baby with a man’s heart. I’m a warrior.” – Murderface

“Wait the murder – rate in Canada, is higher than Norway? Oh my god that's lame, this place is lame.” , “Danbury, Connecticut is more brutal.” – Nathan