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Ofdensen kicks off the initiation of the Klokateers; servants in training. Later the band conflicts with Ofdensen over his opposition to their frivolous spending. While this is going on, Nathan and Toki are on a Knock knock joke-texting kick. Later the guys discuss the situation while playing golf. They think that Charles is keeping them "out of the loop" and decide to get an additional manager to help them learn how the business side of things work.

The new Manager,‘Nelmur’ tries to appeal to the band by trying be more like a pal than a manager. He parties, hangs out with them and lets them do whatever they want with plans to out Ofdensen as manager. Ofdensen is not about to let this happen. The KlokateerJam ensues with a fencing showdown between Nelmur and Ofdensen. Ofdensen, with some effort, wins.







Murderface: “Gimme $50K!!!”
Ofdenseni: “For what?”
Murderface: “Doritos!”

Murderface: “It’s a very deadly weapon to know what you’re doing.”