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The show kicks off with a celebrity-watch gossip show, tracking Dethklok’s love lives, which finishes on Nathan’s ex; Rebecca Nightrod. Cut to a pissed off Nathan playing golf in the rain much to the chagrin of his pals as they try to cheer him up. Nathan decides he wants to start dating again.
The Tribunal reviews a group of women called Succuboso Explosion who wish to breed Nathan with their followers. Nathan brings a lady home on a date and the other band members intrude, going out of their way to be nice and hang out. Lavona Succuboso has a weapon called a ‘loin–extractor’ which they plan to use to.. ‘extract’ Nathan’s mojo. Its brutal. Later, at a bar, Murderface tries his luck with the ladies and fails terribly, with the help of Toki and Skwisgaar. Nathan tries his luck with several more women at the mansion which work out as well as the first.

At Dethklok’s first concert since Nathan broke up with Rebecca, the Succubosos make an attempt on Nathan, which Murderface successfully cock-blocks with his guitar, electrocuting Lavona.







“For the record I tried” – Ofdensen

“Don’t mind me, just patrolling these parts to make sure its safe for uh, your kind. Women.” – Murderface

“Aren’t you the bass player? Why are we even talking to you?” – Barchick #1