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A commercial for Norwegian Blackened Blood Coffee in Dethklok themed skull mugs kicks the show off at a ‘Hot Topic – esque’ Dethklok store at a strip mall. A few of the stores’ patrons trade deth-stories. The teen that ripped a Dethklok song several episodes back, who was incarcerated in Mordhaus and adopted by Edgar Jom-fru plants a bomb in the store and runs. After the explosion most of the patrons are hospitalized.

A press release from Duncan Hills describes the incident as a natural gas explosion, as viewed by the tribunal. The members discuss the incident, identifying the members of the Revengencers, and expressing confidence that they have potential in successfully destroying Dethklok.
A TV commercial displayed at Mordhaus features the victims of the explosion. A memorial hospital is to be built. The band members are unenthusiastic about the idea, and Nathan has a ‘summer cold’, which he distributes to the rest of the band. A benefit concert is to be thrown for the victims.

The Revengencers plan on offing Ofdensen at the concert, along with Dethklok.
At the doctor’s office, they get yelled at then go to a sauna to sweat it out. Murderface brings a medieval medical remedies book along and the band tries blood – letting using leeches. They then up the ante by actually cutting themselves which causes them to almost pass out. The band tries to downplay the awesomeness of the show to the explosion victims. Showtime!
While attempting to snipe at the band, Edgar is interrupted by the victims who thwart his attempt, then bite out an eye. The teen tosses in a smoke grenade and gets kicked in the face by Ofdensen. The brother of #216 attacks Ofdensen and throws him out a window to no effect. The three Revengencers make their escape in a van.







“The odds of another natural gas explosion are so remote that you’d have better luck being killed by a bee-sting in the belly of a whale.” – PR Guy for Duncan Hills

“I’ve got no sympathy for anyone. I’ve got one of these dark summer colds. I mean where’s my benefit concert?” – Nathan

“You can’t relate to your arms being blown off. You can’t!” – Murderface

“What are you doing?!”, “Revengence.” – Maimed patron and Edgar