Submitted by WhiteLight


Nathan and Pickles are watching Murderface play the national anthem with his cock at a NASCAR event on TV. Murderface’s spotlight is interrupted by the breaking news of Skwisgaar and Toki being pursued in a high speed police chase. They crash and are forced to get their drivers’ licenses as reported by the Dethklok Minute guy, who is still alive. Murderface is significantly bummed.
Murderface organizes a ‘NASCAR – type theatrical hybrid event ’. Dr. Gibbons returns before the tribunal as the official Murderface expert to deliver a lengthy spiel on the bass player. At driving school, Toki and Skwisgaar view a brutal ‘fifties style’ scare film on the dangers of drinking and driving. They are sufficiently freaked out and can’t drive, failing their test. Murderface has to explain his event to the AP and Pickles gives him a pill to mellow him out, which makes him a catatonic mess.
Dethklok performs at the event, where Murderface induces a car crash which slays some of the audience. Toki and Skwisgaar pilot a double – necked guitar – dragster into the air, crashing into a fire – breaking dragon statue which sets the entire arena on fire. Still completely messed up, Murderface finishes with a guitar solo, not played with a pick.







Murderface “Its like a NASCAR – type theatrical hybrid event, with cars!”

Driving movie host “That’s okay. Blood makes the grass grow.”

Driving movie host “If the good lord wanted us to drink and drive, we would have been born with smashed faces.”