Submitted by WhiteLight


Nathan (in second grade) stands before his classmates after being announced the class president. However, Nathan won’t speak. Switch to a scene detailing a redneck driving a monster truck being chased by police. The redneck gets shot, and the truck crashes into Nathan’s classroom. Nathan barely blinks as all his classmates are severely injured and killed.

The state of Florida wants a holiday in honor of (now adult) Nathan Explosion, but is met with resistance from the current governor. A mob starts taking physical action as Ofdensen asks Nathan to say something to spare the man’s life. Nathan can hardly be bothered as he is too busy eating chips, but, relents. On stage he forgets why he’s there, and his words condemn the Governor, who is brutally murdered. Nathan is ‘elected’ as the new governor of Florida. The tribunal goes to ‘purple alert’.

Nathan puts the rest of the bandmates in various ‘office positions’. Toki goes overload with power in a feeble attempt to help people. Murderface, in charge of the National Guard, ‘blows stuff up’. Pickles, ambassador to China, takes up residence at a strip club, showing the Chinese the ropes. Skwisgaar sleeps around with elderly women. Nathan decides to print money for each Floridian. After no time at all, crime goes up by 20,000% and Florida becomes a lawless wasteland. To turn things around, the band throws a benefit concert. However, after the show, a hurricane obliterates whats left of Florida.









Nathan “I swear to govern the fuck out of this piece of shit state. Now let me hear your guns!”

Nathan “Name the hurricane… Uh.. How about Scrambles. Scrambles the Death- Dealer”

Skwisgaar "Can I buys you a cups of metamusils?"

Nathan "I command you to destroy the hurricane."
Toki "Yeah use your weather controllin' machines."