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The band caps off a concert with Murderface dropping his pants and playing bass with his “member”. Back at Mordland, the band receives an E-mail invitation to Murderface’s birthday party. After the world celebrates his birthday through violence and riots, the Tribunal concludes that Murderface’s birthday will bring a whole new wave of destruction that is out of their control. With Murderface out of the room, the rest of the band has difficulty trying to decide what to buy their bassist. Nathan decides to give him the blackest gift of all.

Before the party, despite a visit by the Queen of Denmark and her son, Murderface is disappointed with his birthday gifts. Skwisgaar and Toki also discuss the meaning of the phrase “sausage fest”. Nathan kicks off the festivities with a special visit from Dr. Rockso: the rock n’ roll clown. Rockso’s high energy (i.e. cocaine-fueled) show quickly annoys Murderface, who orders the roadies to execute him. After the Rockso disaster, the band performs a special birthday song, during which the Queen dies after eating Murderface’s mercury-frosted birthday cake. Nathan reveals the band’s most brutal gift of all to their bassist: a box with nothing in it. Murderface, furious that he didn’t get anything for his birthday, packs up his things and leaves Mordhaus only to be stopped my his band mates. It turns out the guys did get their bassist a gift: a custom limo made from some of history’s most brutal moments. Murderface celebrates his new gift by taking his new car to a demolition derby.










Skwisgaar: Pfft. The Dutch.

Pickles: Wait a minute, the guy’s a nihilist. What’s he want a birthday for?

Birthday invitation: Inside, outside, up, or down. Who gives a piss.

Nathan: Oh f*ck me, were going to have to get him a gift!

Sniper: I’ll kill you all! I’ll kill everything in site! Dethklok rules! Happy Birthday, Murderface!

Pickles: How are we supposed to get him a gift? All he wants is morbid crap, and he’s already got just about everything…

Skwisgaar: This is complete total…you know…sausage festival.
Toki: I love sausage festival. Like in Vienna.
Skwisgaar: No Toki, that was a sausage festival.
Toki: That was good.
Skwisgaar: No this means there are no good looking ladies to put you know what into side of them.
Toki: The sausage?
Skwisgaar: Yeah.

Rockso: I’m Dr. Rockso, the rock n’ roll clown! I do cocaine!

Rockso: Seriously, I do a lot of cocaine.

Murderface: What did you expect from me, other than the worst party in the history of birth!

Nathan: And now the most blackest present for the most brutal of all bass players…NOTHING!

Skwisgaar: Go play records backwards and kell yourself.

Pickles: Hey fatso, we got your favorite thing: disappointment.

Skwisgaar: Ah what are you doing, going for a crybaby walk?

Murderface: But I already got like a million limos!