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Dethklok are watching a TV show called 'Cannibal Culture' featuring an Amazon tribe called the 'Yaneemango'. Nathan is adamant about seeing it while the others seem not to care. Jockeying foot pedals to control a TiVo - like interface, Pickles becomes interested in a "hallucinogenic drug called 'yopo'" that the Yaneemango use. The safari-guide plays some of Dethklok's music to see how the Yaneemango react. Later, in the ‘Dethlibrary’, Pickles begins reading up on this drug called yopo, finding that people who use the drug “turn into their ancient animal form", while trying to repel Murderface and his terrible breath. Skwisgaar and Toki are reading about guitars, finding that there is a type of wood that grows in the Amazon that makes for a great guitar. Toki reiterates Skwisgaar’s idea, which results in bickering about who copied who. Nathan is reading his grandmother's diary. On a trip to the Amazon, her boat is wrecked and most of the surviving crew is killed by the Yaneemango. She "falls in lust" with the tribe leader, effectively becoming his wife. After several days, she finds her ex-husband's pocket watch in her soup, realizing she ate him.

Dethklok decides to go to the Amazon.

General Crozier is summoned by Vater Orlaag and Mr. Selatcia, who send him to watch over Dethklok accompanied with Vater’s men to watch after the General. Dethklok visits an outfitter where Toki and Skwisgaar make unreasonable and non-existent demands from the clerk, one upping each other, which results in bickering about who copied who. Charles Foster Ofdensen tries to talk them out of the trip. En route, Murderface warns Pickles that there is a parasitic catfish that can swim up your pee and lay eggs in your ding dong. The dethpilots shoot down Croziers plane, who parachutes out with a few other soldiers.
The dethcopter 'clears a landing zone' by mowing down a huge portion of rainforest with machine guns and rockets. They release the dethboat in the wrong spot, much like the stage in the series premier.
Boating down the river, Murderace is tanning nude, much to the chagrin of Pickles and Skwisgaar. After some yelling, he takes a pee and gets attacked by the aforementioned catfish. The boat runs aground, and Nathan orders the boat hauled over a mountain. It comes crashing down killing everyone except Dethklok, who are found by the Yaneemango. Dethklok is seen with their faces carved into the mountain behind them, Mount Rushmore style. Gathered around a fire with the Yaneemango, Dethklok guesses at what’s going to happen to them. Toki and Skwisgaar bicker more. Dethklok gets high on yopo, which cues a new song, with Dethklok performing on a stage bracketed with giant stone skulls. In the music video, five 'ancient animal spirits' are portrayed, indicating each member of Dethklok. Even General Crozier gets blown in the face with the drug yopo, who has a hallucination involving a visit from Cardinal Ravenwood. He told he is dead/death. The Yaneemango slaughter the other mercenaries while rocking out to Dethklok.








Skwisgaar “Gives to me magic gloves that makes my hands fly!”
Toki "Gives to me opposites werewolves which turs to humans whens the moons comes out."
Skwisgaar “Gives to me a swords that glows, which shows me which way is north!”
Toki “Gives to me battleaxe that shows which way is south!”
Skwisgaar “Stops copies me!”
Skwisgaar “You stops copies me!”

Pickles “Look at your wiener.. It looks like you stuck it in a hornet’s nest!”
Murderface “I happen to play bass with it.”

Pickles “Oh now I can see your ass, disgusting, it looks like cottage cheese!”

Pickles “Ohhh. Oh dude! They’re gettin’ yopo! Dude if we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die high! Yopo!!!!”