by Nikki_D


Thanks to his new P.R. Agent, Pickles is a celebrity guest on a game show called Cashtastrophy, in which the contestant either wins a lot of money or is killed by cash. The unfortunate contestant that he is there to assist is forced into a tube where he is shredded by bills swirling at high speed after Pickles incorrectly answers a question. The Tribunal is quite familiar with Pickles' new promoter, Liz Bane, and her long list of aliases. She has a dark history of starting radical religious cults that end with murder or suicide, and now runs a P.R. Firm called Exodus.

Nathan, Murderface, Toki and Skwisgaar confront Charles and say that they all want a P.R. Person like Pickles has. They aren't satisfied with Charles' response that he is a P.R. person, and tell him they want a lady. Pickles is all over news and TV, making appearances at almost every major event in media and is being called the most popular member of Dethklok despite being drunk and incoherent at almost every occasion. Meanwhile the rest of the band decide to start their own P.R. firm and want to promote where no one has promoted before. They blow millions sending enormous stone signs into the ocean, Antarctic region, and space that simply say "Dethklok PR".

Unknown to Pickles, Liz has simply been using his popularity as part of her scheme to recruit followers for her new cult, then to take all of their wealth and brainwash them. The plan is then to have them all drink poison grape drink while Dethklok performs a show in space on a platform that would put them in the path of "Nile's Comet", along with the cult followers. Her plan falls apart however when the Dethklok P.R. sign floating in space intercepts the comet, causing it to break apart. Dethklok is unscathed, but chunks of the comet rain down on earth, one hitting Liz's car as she is speeding away. One piece also finds it's way to the TV station maiming the "Dethklok Minuet" announcer.






Nathan: We want our own P.R. person like Pickles has.
Charles: But I am a P.R. person.
Murderface: But we want a real P.R. person.
Charles: I am a real P.R. person.
Skwisgaar: No, we wants a reals P.R. person.
Charles: I am a real P.R. person.
Toki: But we wants a lady!
Charles: I -- fine.

Pickles: We got any songs with "destiny" in the title?
Nathan: Um, no, but I could stick it in. Doesn't matter. No one can understand what I'm saying, anyway.