by Nikki_D


TV news reports that the head of Dethklok Australia has been assassinated by a terrorist organization going by "The Revengeancers".

Pickles receives a DVD of his brother Seth announcing that he's cleaning up his shady lifestyle and is getting married. He asks Dethklok to attend. The ever vigilant Tribunal examine the issue and hear from wedding expert Dr. Milminaman-lanilim-swinwamly. As usual Mr. Selatcia instructs the Tribunal not to intervene and allow Dethklok to "experience the blackness". Pickles has been mentally detached in an almost zombie-like state since receiving the invitation. Dethklok arrive at the home of Pickles' parents and take Seth out to a dive of a strip joint for a bachelor party, and pickles takes note of Seth boozing it up after claiming to be sober. The next day they are hung over at the rehearsal dinner. During a speech by Seth, in which his greedy intentions for having Dethklok there become obvious, Pickles tries to escape out the back, but is stopped by the rest of the band.

Later, after the wedding, Nathan and Murderface endure one boring conversation after another while Toki gets hammered. After Dethklok plays a song about the horrors of marriage, Seth gets up on stage to open his gift from them, clearly anticipating it to be proportionate to his brother's wealth. He opens it to discover it's just a blender. He becomes enraged and breaks into a tirade, yelling at Pickles for being so cheap. Pickles finally cracks and jumps at his brother on stage, first strangling, then pummeling him on the ground.

Afterwards Pickles feels sorry for his pathetic brother and asks Charles to find a job for him. Seth becomes the new head of Dethklok Australia, and a new target for the Revengeancers.





Murderface: Well, normally I dread an event like this, but seeing how knotted up it's gotten you, Pickles, I'm sure I will enjoy it.

Nathan: Don't take this wrong Pickles, but your brother is kind of uh... kind of a weird greedy dick you know?

Nathan: Look we can't leave. Not yet. It's just too funny.

Murderface: Oh look, it's Shit Face and Dildo Licker.

Skwisgaar: Oh but it's not supposed to makes sense, for you sees, we are aimless hate-filled animals scampering aways into the nights.
Toki: That's rights. For you see, that's whats familys is. Peoples whats you hates.