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The show kicks off with a ‘rock-ography’ of Dr. Rockso, the Rock and Roll Clown, who does cocaine. Detailing his origins and climb to fame, followed by his addiction which led to his outing from Zazz Blammymatazz. He then became a party-clown for hire and even raided a top secret police storage facility, making off with over 1000lbs of cocaine. In an interview, Murderface claims to be the lead songwriter for Dethklok, and extends his sympathies to Dr. Rockso. Gathered in the hot tub Dethklok grumbles over the clown and proceed to argue with Murderface about his songwriting capabilities, challenging him to write one complete song. Later that night Toki gets a call from Dr. Rockso asking for help. Toki and Pickles take the murdercycle to investigate. After seeing the pathetic state he is in, they bring Dr. Rockso back to Mordhaus.

The tribunal recaps Dr. Rockso’s involvement with Dethklok thus far, and the likelihood of him re-uniting with Dethklok via Toki.
Murderface attempts a song under the pressure of Nathan and Skwisgaar. After a distracting noise, he smashes the guitar ‘accidentally’. The rest of the Dethklok discover that Dr. Rockso is in the house, albeit tranquilized. A formal band meeting with Ofdensen ensues, where he states that Dr. Rockso is not welcome in Mordhaus. They decide to try to clean him up. Pulling him from a torture room, Ofdensen misleads Dr.Rockso to intervention, hosted by Dr. Twinkletits. The band members do a poor job and Toki jumps in and convinces him to seek therapy. Upon cleaning up, he turns himself into the police.







Pickles, Toki “Toki, you really need ot get your drivers’ license, dude.” “That’s environmentally unconscmious!”

Murderface “Tits. A fish, a fish with tits. Tittyfish.”

Dr. Rockso “I am c-c-c-clean!”

Zazz Blammymatazz “But he insisted that he be paid in cocaine.”

Nathan, Murderface “Well I could’ve invented, uh, uh the floor, but I didn’t.” “But that doesn’t mean you shoudn’t get credit for it!”