Submitted by WhiteLight


Dethklok performs at a fashion show, featuring some very metal clothes, figuratively and literally. However everything, as usual, goes terribly awry; crocodiles and electric eels are loosed upon the audience. On TV, Dethklok solidifies their involvement in the fashion industry, acquiring an obscure designer, Eric Von Wiechlinghammer. Said designer was convicted of starving 57 fashion models to death and seems to have a cult following. In a press release, Murderface ‘assures everyone he is NOT gay.”

The tribunal reviews the state of all things Dethklok, focusing on fashion designers in general along with the dangers of Dethkloks’ influence on what clothes people wear.

Later in the dethcopter, Murderface defends his sexuality and sandwich preferences. Afterwards the band try out their new Wiechlinghammer designed outfits, finding they are too tight, except for Toki who has a ripped physique. At the grocery store the band tries to outline a diet for themselves, failing. In fact they all gain weight, secretly eating in closets. Murderface is found licking a sausage, indicatively.
The band break in on Wiechlinghammer’s ‘special leather’ facility, finding it is made of human flesh! They fire him.









“What about a sandwich?” ,“A flat one?”, “Yeah”, “WYeah, ifsa flat one..”, “Okay, what about a sandwich shaped like a dick!?”, “Nooo!!!” – Nathan, Murderface

“You said ‘penis’ and ‘mouth’ about a hundred times today!” – Pickles

“Wow you really keep thinking about dick all day long, don’t you?” - Nathan

“These are very fats gentlemans.” – Fashion Henchman

“Popscockles we can have!” – Skwisgaar