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At a Dethklok public appearance to support Duncan Hills coffee, the band complains about being surrounded by douchebags. Murderface accidentally sets off his shotgun which excites Dethklok’s bodyguards who annihilate every fan in the vicinity. Afterwards, they are chastised by Ofdensen who presents them with a set of ‘doubles’ to take their place at dangerous public events.

The Tribunal reviews the recent catastrophe, indicating that Dethklok has hired doubles that work for the Tribunal. Dethklok is to perform atop a dormant volcano on the island of Sumatra. The doubles will retrieve the business contracts between Dethklok and Duncan Hills to control growth. Dethklok befriends their doubles, ‘pallin’ around’ twenty-four seven. Ofdensen frowns upon this, breaking the ‘news’ that the doubles are in place to die in case an attempt is made on the lives of Dethklok. After watching the doubles at a parade on TV and talking to them on the phone, Ofdensen asks Dethklok how the preparation for the concert is coming. Nathan claims rehearsal is going good. Later, reflecting, the band contemplates not being Dethklok, being regular ‘ol jackoffs. On the top of Condor Mountain, 10,000 baristas brew coffee in the top of the volcano. While Dethklok performs the show, the doubles infiltrate and capture the documents. The volcano erupts; killing many fans and mutilating the doubles. Later, Dethklok has to then say goodbye to the doubles in the hospital, which they decide to do at a diner. Murderface says goodbye by blowing them away with his shotgun.






Dethklok “Douchebags.” , “Douchebags.” , “Douchebags.” , “Douchebags.” , “Douchebags.”

Murderaface “You expect us to cut off our faces, then sew them on these regular jackoffs!?”

Nathan “Awesome! I’m Stalin!”

Murderface “Jobs!? I play bass not to have a job!”