by WhiteLight


The Metal Masked Assassin is brutally torturing Kloketeers outseide of Morhaus to gain information pertaining to a way inside, in order to kill Dethklok. Meanwhile a nitwit dethfan illegally pirates a Dethklok song, leading to a tactical team of Kloketeers breaking into the kid’s house and kidnapping him. Reviewing this, the Tribunal finds that Dethklok are within their rights to act as a police force, and may have a secret prison below Mordaus.

Knubbler and Dethklok review the latest track recordings for the new album. The band complains saying it sounds too digital to which Knubbler points out that they are loosing their hearing. In order to get back to analog sound, their engineers have, among other things, devised a new method of recording; on water. The system apparently requires an enormous ammount of electrical, steam and nuclear power, which Dethklok use to record a new song.

The ‘arrested’ teenager is seen being escorted into a cell, where he meets Edgar Jom-Fru. Edgar befriends him as his ‘brother’, applying the facial remains of his biological brother to the kid’s face. Edgar has dug an escape tunnel.

Later on, in the recording studio, the whole band is heavily drunk. Knubbler has a hard time getting the band to do anything productive. Nathan does record a ‘sound check’ of sorts, on water. Murderface records himself throwing up. Later on, Knubbler is horrified when he finds that the intoxicated Dethklok has used all of the water recordings to drink, fill the fish tank and water the plants among other things.

Edgar and the kid escape through the sewers, washing up on shore, at the feet of The Masked Assassin, who carries them away.






“You’re making ramen noodles with Skwisgaar’s solo!” – Knubbler

“It sounds like microchips, in ones and zeros.” – Pickles

“Hello everyone, we’ve been working on several new prototypes: Hoverdrums, Laser-String Guitars, Electronic STD Radar Navigational Dildo Helmets..” – Scientist #1