by WhiteLight


Cinematic intro pitching Skwisgaar versus Toki in a monolithic swordfight.

At a Dethshow, Toki attempts to take the spotlight for a moment and do a solo. Skwisgaar gets pissed off and unplugs Toki’s guitar. The music stops and the two argue about Toki’s role in the band. Toki throws down his guitar and leaves the stage.

Ofdensen relates Toki’s feeling to the rest of the band. In return, Murderface makes a show of being a dick, which the other band members praise him for. Skwisgaar offers to give Toki lessons, which he declines, remembering a previous attempt at such a lession in which Skwisgaar humiliated him. Instead Toki finds an elderly Scandinavian teacher from a telephone pole ad. Murderface gives Nathan and Pickles a lesson on how to be a dick, at the expense of Skwisgaar, claiming that Toki has gotten really good.

The tribunal reviews Toki’s new path, and the difficulties of having two guitarists in the same band. Skwisgaar has a really trippy nightmare, which drives him to barge in on Toki and his mentor, chewing him out and initiating the protocol pertinent to a citizens band firing. It makes the news, along with the announcement of Toki’s guitar recital. At the recital, Toki panics. However his mentor shows up to comfort him and let him know he’s dying. Skwisgaar, finding out that Toki's playing hadn't actually improved, apologizes, followed by Nathan, Pickles and Murderface also making apologies for being dicks. The mentor/ father figure dies in Toki’s arms.





“Notice how I’m not mad, he gets mad. That’s being a dick.” – Murderface

“That’s why I needs me a piano teacher.” , “You mean guitar teacher.”- Toki, Skwisgaar