by WhiteLight


Continuing from the last episode of the first season, a hell-like location is depicted in which general Crozier looks over the crucified body of Cardinal Ravenwood, surrounded by Shadowy figures resembling Dethklok. Mr. Selatcia commands the Cardinal to ‘be blind’ as he did in the finale. The Cardinal’s eyes erupt in light and his intestines rocket outward. The general wakes up in a doctor’s office, who is checking in on him after his ‘mission’. A flashback to that episode follows.

KQQZ news reports that there is a record setting global economic depression, due to no new Dethklok albums. Since Dethklok has become reclusive due to the attack at their last show, the U.S. President blows his jaw off with a shotgun. Ofdensen tries to convey the importance of making a new album, to which the band responds by calling him a robot. The band then reveal that then have acquired pelvic thrust mace belts.

A number of criminals are to be executed soon, and Dethklok have been asked to perform and decide their manner of execution. Thousands of fans gather at the prison for the event. An anthropodic walking stage drills its way up through the ground and the show begins. The criminals, strapped to rockets are launched into the air and shot with a laser cannon from the walking stage, causing them to explode into a fireworks display. Unfortunately Skwisgaar's belt fires off a stream of mace which finds it's way into the eyes of the Kloketeer driving the the monsterous machine. The stage breaks the prison wall, allowing the remaining convicts to escape. Despite this, the economy soars and the President thanks Dethklok.

Back at home on a tennis court, the band apologizes to and thanks Ofdensen.
The now larger Tribunal report that Dethklok is back.





“Robots are not to be trusted.” – Murderface

“Wes in the middle of havings a fucking dinners meal! That’s hows we am!” - Skwisgaar