Submitted by Johnny_Law


Nathan is unhappy with the mix of the band’s latest album. Pickles, along with the rest of the band, tries to reason with him, but despite the near collapse of all society, Nathan does not budge. He decides the best place to re-record the new album is underwater. Dethklok’s manager is able to get the funds for the re-recording on one condition: they must have a producer supervise the recording of the album. Enter Dick “Magic Ears” Knubbler. The Tribunal sees a perfect opportunity: exploit Knubbler’s criminal record and use him as a spy. Onboard Dethklok’s modified nuclear submarine, Nathan is finding the sound much heavier but notices Toki's guitar pickups are catching the submarines sonar in the recording. Toki is placed in a liquid oxygen chamber and sumbmerged deeper into the ocean to isolate him from the sonar range.

After a power outage, Pickles dumps some whiskey on the sub’s reactor, which brings the power back online but also causes a nuclear waste leak. After months of recording, Knubbler finally arrives to listen to the band’s album, and is literally blown away by the band’s single “Mermaidur”. Toki, still in his liquid oxygen tank, has become delusional and plays a song about his “underwater friends”. Back on the sub, Knubbler believing the new album will save his own career decides to go back to the surface. In his report to the Tribunal, he defies General Kroiser and believes the album is too powerful for anyone to stop. Knubbler’s mini sub is then attacked by a giant mutated sea horse and the pressure in his sub become unstable causing his eyes to literally explode. In the end, Dethwater becomes a successful album, going pentuple platinum.









Pickles: Mother douchebags, he did it again!

Nathan: Not in the ocean…INSIDE the ocean!

Murderface: Hey guys…nuclear submarine power is out.

Skwisgaar: Oh great. Probably some dicknose producer, comes to tell us hows to makes a metal. Doesn’t know dildos about that.

Nathan: Now shut up and listen to this, dick! This is metal…for fish!
Skwisgaar: Fish have no good metals to listens to.

Nathan: This one’s called Mermaid…ur…
Murderface: It’s about mermaid murder.

Pickles: You know something Knubbler, you ain’t that much of a dildo after all.

Knubbler: What have they been up to? Kickin’ ass and takin’ names! That’s what they’ve been up to!