by drrockso


After William Murderface appears on the sitcom "Dating Penelope," resident acting expert Dr. Chazz Fazzledopenhoffer addresses the Tribunal on Dethklok becoming actors and his concerns on awakening the imagination of the public, concerning the Tribunal about losing control over the will of the public. Meanwhile, Dethklok is taking over a year to produce their first movie, Blood Ocean. Behemoth Studio head James Grishnack is displeased on wasting so much money in producing the film that still doesn't have an end. On the set, the crew has a hard time understanding Skwisgaar's speaking, eventually leading to the suicide of the film's (then) current director. After legendary actor J.F. Amarth is killed on the set in a freak accident involving a forklift, the trailer for "Blood Ocean" is shown. The band members are shown celebrating the trailer in their hot tub, only to be interrupted by Ofdensen who warns the band that the movie may hurt the band's image.

At the movie premiere, the band is disgusted by what they are watching, and they eventually complain directly to Mr. Grishnack about the lack of quality of the movie. Grishnack reveals that he plans on releasing the movie "no matter what" in order to make the money back, regardless of how it reflects on the band's reputation. As the band flies away, they have the oil rig platform where the movie premiered destroyed, killing off Grishnack and all others who witnessed the movie.






Murderface (Dating Penelope Theme)

She's the daughter who's just nineteen
He's a dad that's way too mean
And if you want to ask her out, you'll get right in between
Doodily do, doodily do!
And if you want to have some fun
And if you want to do it right
You'll be dating Penelope!

Dad: Well, if they can't stand the heat, I don't want 'em near your kitchen.
Penelope: I don't even know what that means.

Murderface: Don't you think that a driveway is a funny place for a dog to sleep?

Dr. Chazz Fazzledopenhoffer: What Dethklok threatens to do is awaken the imagination of the public! They have charisma. They have... it! They have zazz.
Crozier: Suppose they do make a successful movie, what's the worst-case scenario?
Fazzledopenhoffer: Independent thought returns, creative control goes back to the artist, actors become smart and cool again, movies become thoughtful, endings become hard to figure out, people go to theaters and... interact with each other.

Director: I agree, it was great, but, uh, huh, we're having a hard time making out what you're saying.
Skwisgaar: Likes what!?
Director: Like the words.
Skwisgaar: I can't say those words any harder than I tried. I don't know what to tell you.
Director: Well, how about this, Skwisgaar, we'll make a deal. I'll direct as best I can if you say them words as best as you can really do it.
Pickles: I'm afraid you can't do that. If you read our contract, you'll realize that you can't direct, note, or berate us, because it sickens us. You're fired.

Toki: Oh, classic Hollywood! Now maybe you hangs yourself!

Murderface: I know who you are!

Nathan: Space Odin!

Murderface: Did you see that!? We're better than Meatloaf!
Pickles: That was only the trailer! Just imagine what the movie's like!
Toki: I can'ts waits to see us ins this movie.

Skwisgaar: Oars mimage?
Toki: Image. Oh, we have a image.
Skwisgaar: Mage.
Toki: Image.
Skwisgaar: Iamage.

Nathan: Blood. An ocean of blood. I wonder how many blood drops of blood there are in this blood ocean. I wonder how much is it in a drop. I wonder, has... well, I... let's just say there are approximately...

Murderface: I am just a cop. A cop who happens to be a serial killer. How did I get here in this blood ocean? I guess it all started a long time ago, far way from here.

Skwisgaar: What's the hell? That isn't hows I sound.

Murderface: Was I more fat or was I more stupid looking? My God, I'm hideous.

Pickles: It didn't even makes sense! You, do whatever it takes. That piece of crap ain't coming out.
Toki: Oh, not evens on DVD?!

Grishnack: Remember, sh-- sandwich tastes great.