by drrockso


While Dethklok is performing "Castratikron" at a concert, Nathan Explosion has a hard time turning down sexual favors from his female fans, as he admits to having a girlfriend. When Nathan's band mates invite the lead singer to be painted by naked ladies with them, he must pass on the offer as his girlfriend, Rebecca Nightrod, already had plans for Nathan and her to meet up with Rebecca's parents to help them move some furniture. After a news report discussing Nathan and Rebecca as a celebrity couple, the Tribunal fears the power the couple might generate and decide to make a rift in the relationship by having the band invited to the United States Pornography Awards. After arguing with Ofdensen, the band unanimously decides to go to the awards show.

When Nathan shows up late for practice, he must bear the bad news that Rebecca won't allow him to go to the awards show. In reaction to the situation, the rest of Dethklok tortures Nathan until he agrees to break up with Rebecca. Right before Nathan can speak his mind to Rebecca, the heel on her shoe breaks as she bends over, causing her to fall down multiple flights of stairs. As a result, Rebecca went into a coma, making Nathan available to go to the pornography awards show without having to break up with Rebecca.





Pickles: Hey, Nate, what the hell? Ain't you gonna get painted by naked ladies with us?
Nathan: No. I'm-- I'm cool.
Skwisgaar: Always yous gets painted by naked lady, huh? You loves it!

Pickles: She's probably keeping watch like a hawk.
Murderface: It's another judgmental bird face band-wrecker.
Nathan: What?
Murderface: What? Nothing. God, you're paranoid. Oh, there's my drink over there. Gotta go!

Wimplestein: Gentlemen, have you heard of the United States Pornography Awards?
Crozier: I've read reports.
Wimplestein: This is the biggest adult film of the year. I believe that if we can involve Dethklok in participating, then we may have a chance at tempting Nathan Explosion and tearing his relationship apart.
Crozier: I feel that this would work better if I were there, at the pornography awards.
Stampingston: Perhaps I should go, too.
Ravenwood: I think that I should be there, too.
Unnamed Tribunal member: I will go, too.
Selatcia: No. You're not allowed to go.

Ofdensen: They're not paying for you, and you'd lose money.
Toki: So f--- that! I pay them for that. I just wants to make out with thems beautiful goils!

Toki: Now signs us up. Naked ladies! Oh, wowee!

Skwisgaar: I hates her, yet I would totally dos her.
Toki: Yeah, me too. So strange is this mind of men.
Skwisgaar: Yeah, my little friend. We are so evolved, yet our animalistic inskincts always remind us of who we truly are.
Toki: Mens are beasts and womens -- the demons of the night.

Pickles: Dude, but if you can't go, then we can't play, and we're don't... we can't go! We can't go!
Nathan: I'm sorry.
Toki: I wanted to kiss the goils!

Nathan: Why are you doing this?
Murderface: You've been blinded by a manipulative cow and we are here to save you. Taser him.
Nathan: Whoa! Whoa! Stop! Stop! Whoa, whoa whoa!
Pickles: Stop. Take five on the juice, Toki.
Nathan: Whoa!

Pickles: Everytime we see you with her, you looks like a beaten dog. Aroooo!

Rebecca: Hold on a f---ing second, Tonto.

Nathan: Rebecca, I don't feel like I ever really talked to you, because, you know, you didn't let me. But I just wanted to say I was going to break up with you back there, and now since you're in a coma, I really don't have to. You're, like, the ultimate girlfriend right now, and I don't-- I don't want to lose that, you know? But, uh, tonight are the United States Pornography Awards, and, uh, I know you didn't really like the idea of me going, but I feel like we've grown so much since then. And, uh, if you still don't want me to go, please... please say something right now.

Murderface: Gildo Dildo A Rooney Roo!