by kloud13


Toki and his new friend Dr. Rockso, the Rock n' Roll Clown, go out joyriding in the middle of the night in Murderface's car. They quietly sneak back into Mordhaus where the rest of the band is sleeping, but are caught when Dr. Rockso tries to slip Murderface's keys back into his pocket. Toki's band mates and Ofdensen, who all hate clowns (specifically Dr. Rockso), reprimand him and Dr. Rockso is sent home, but not before he is beaten at Ofdensen's request. The Tribunal finds out about Dr. Rockso's joyride with Toki via satellite images, and decides to bring in Dr. Rockso to try to use him against Dethklok. Back at Mordhaus, Nathan, Pickles, and Skwisgaar teach Murderface about the joys of not wearing underwear, AKA “free-balling,” and when he decides to try it for himself his bass playing is much improved.

Meanwhile, back at Tribunal headquarters, General Crozier trains Dr. Rockso to gather intelligence on Dethklok, setting him up with a camera in his hat and warning him to beware of Ofdensen. Their chance comes along when Toki invites Rockso over to hang out, much to the chagrin of the rest of the band. Rockso is able to distract Dethklok with a DVD of his music video (which was banned from television because you could see his junk through his jumpsuit), and manages to take several pictures around Mordhaus before being caught by Ofdensen while breaking into his safe. Ofdensen has him chased but decides not to kill him, instead opting to have him followed to see where he goes. In the end, Dr. Rockso's intelligence work pays off when he is able to deliver important information about Dethklok to Cardinal Ravenwood and General Crozier.







Dr. Rockso: (whispering) I do cocaine.

Skwisgaar: Uh, gives that clowns a little bit of a smack.

Skwisgaar: Your friend, ha! Drunks driving before a tour, shootings a guns! What kind of a friend takes you on such a godless endeavor as that? What if you hurt your pinky finger, huh?! No more tour!

Murderface: I woke up with a clown's hand in my pants… that's what I did today.

Crozier: His name is Dr. Rockso. He's the Rock n' Roll clown. He does cocaine. I'm afraid that's all we know.

Nathan: I only wear underwear about… like 40… 60… 5… 65 percent of the time. Otherwise, I'm honestly just free-ballin'.

Skwisgaar: Oh yah, in Sweden, underwear is, ya know, the kinky stuff, ya know, worn as a fetish. But, ya know, the exciting sexual stuff is always free-balling.

Dr. Rockso: I DO COCAI -

Crozier: - Yes, I know.

Skwisgaar: You actually's been playings almost the bass that can be listens to lately, Murderface. Ya know, maybes we even turns it up on the next album.

Nathan: Yea, what's wrong?

Murderface: I think it's this freeballing. Pickles, I cannot thank you enough. If only the whole world free-balled… hey, what do those Arabs wear under their dresses?

Skwisgaar: Free-ball.

Toki: Oh, that's Dr. Rockso. Yea, I invites him over, no big deal.

Skwisgaar: Oh no, Toki! You don'ts have to overscompensate, alright? We's pays more attentions to you!

Toki: Screw that psychological mumbo-jumbos, I just likes to laugh, haha!

Nathan: (as Toki runs near the hot tub) Hey don't run, it's wet!

Murderface: Normally that painted dildo would piss me off, but lately, I've made friends with a distinguished old gentleman sitting on two duffel bags. I'm FREE… downstairs… think about it.

Ofdensen: May I have a short word with you?

Dr. Rockso: Oh yea, you are short! Ohhhhh yea!

Toki: Haha, he is short.

(A gunshot sounds)

Murderface: Hey, that's my driving gun!

Pickles: Dude, you're not supposed to wear clothes in the hot tub.

Murderface: I'm free-balling.