Raised in Florida, Nathan Explosion is the head of the most successful band in the history of music. Nathan only enjoys things that are “brutal” or “metal.” Nathan shows his diversity by performing William Shakespeare’s works on tape and often comes up with songs that come up in his everyday life, whether that be Sewn Back Together; when the Helicopter Chef (Curse of Dethklok) was dismembered and was poorly put back together, or Bloodrecuted (Dethfam) when a television host was electrocuted through the conduction of his own blood. Explosion, as is the rest of the members in Dethklok, is known for his drinking, which contributes to his inability to speak publicly. Nathan’s main commercial product is “Explosion Sauce” which Nathan drinks straight from the bottle.


The lead guitarist of Dethklok and the fastest guitarist alive, Skwisgaar Skwigelf is originally from Sweden. Although having such musical prowess, Skwigelf suffers from “music dyslex-kia” which renders him unable to read music. His musical gift is so amazing, his fingers have been insured $1,000,000,000 each. Skwisgaar has a deep brooding hatred towards the Dutch and has a peculiar compulsion to call things he hates “dildos” or “douchebags.” Skwisgaar is also known for his love of MILFs and GMILFs and soon-to-be MILFs. In fact, Skwisgaar is known as the band’s womanizer and often talks of his conquests to Toki, regardless of Toki’s interest.




The secondary, rhythmic, guitarist, Toki is known as the sensitive, childish member of Dethklok. He is sponsored by his favorite candy-store and is often chosen by children to be their favorite member. Toki, like Skwisgaar Skwiglef, can not read music, and just ad-libs during sessions. Toki can no longer physically play his guitar slowly. Wartooth, despite his childish and lighthearted nature has a darkside, whether that be him asking a priest from a Satanic Church to reap revenge on Rachel Ray for him, or to taser and beat Nathan Explosion in attempt to have Nathan break up with his girlfriend.




Although most of Dethklok is known for their drinking, Pickles is by far the biggest of them all. Raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Pickles has a thick Midwestern accent. Pickles has taken so many substances (legal and illegal) that he claims to be immune to most of their effects. He was first known as the lead guitarist of the L.A. Hair Band, Snakes and Barrels. He is the only member of the band to have any chance of socializing outside of Mordhaus.




The bassist of the band, Murderface is able to not only play bass without a pic, but with his “member.” At first the band was unimpressed by his guitar play, so they would mix him out of the song, but after becoming a “freeballer” the band decided to use him in the next album. Murderface is often depressed in the fact that he thinks he is fat and suffers from a lack of confidence. Murderface has a tattoo on his stomach, showing his weaknesses, that says, “Pobody’ Nerfect.” Murderface’s interests are “piss”, morbid items, and American Civil War memorabilia.